Our Story

“The righteous will flourish like a palm tree…”

Psalm 92:12

Unique Palmetto Tree Artwork Products

Our artwork is inspired from those beautiful Southern Palmetto trees that have withstood hurricane force winds for decades and even British cannonballs from more than a lifetime ago. The palmetto represents strength with its tightly woven fibers, while at the same time serving as an icon of the southern coastal plain.

Years ago, artist Calhoun (“Cal”) Harrelson (who coined the name “Calmettos”) began painting his own version of palmetto trees. A native South Carolinian, Cal has experienced all things Coastal South Carolina from hunting and hiking, to fishing, boating, planting southern pines, seining for shrimp, gathering crabs and oysters for a roast and simply enjoying a love of the land. Cal’s roots run deep in South Carolina as his Great Uncle John C. Calhoun was South Carolina’s greatest Statesman. Cal’s unique, artistic style was quickly embraced by friends who encouraged him to do more. Soon, Cal was commissioned to paint special request calmettos for dignitaries, organizations, business leaders, politicians, athletes, and musicians-including the Beach Boys, Jack Nicklaus, Jim Cantore, Dr. Ben Carson, Oliver North, Lee Greenwood, and more! Visit Cal’s artwork website here: calmettos.com

As his artwork grew in popularity, it was obvious that applying it to products would provide a way for people to enjoy the calmettos in ways well beyond his paintings. Through Calmettos USA, these products provide a tangible way for those who appreciate palmetto tree artwork to enjoy it on our attractive merchandise. Future Calmettos USA merchandise will feature never-before-seen artwork through new product introductions.

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